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"The ladies in the shelter felt human again, loved again."

Mini City Co-Founder India Aleah Hayes heard these words from the past Director of Partnerships while working in My Sister's House of Atlanta as a volunteer through Duty of Design. Hayes was manually implementing many of the employment services Mini City now offers digitally. Feedback like this is what led Co-Founders like Hayes to create Mini City. Your donation will not assist Mini City in a larger goal of eradicating homelessness, but on a very personal level you are supporting the empowerment and genuine advancement of someone in need. There are 10,000 individuals experiencing homelessness on any given night in Atlanta; with more than 60% of those individuals being woman and children. You can help one of them today.



Your donation allows us to assist the homeless and create partnerships around the Metro Atlanta. We offer Mini City due to donations and partnerships only.

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