A tech solution rooted in compassion.
But what does that mean?


Mini City has built relationships with several service providers in the Atlanta Metro area with the goal of centralizing and streamlining the processes for obtaining identification, vital records, and employment services for those who are unhoused and declared indigent.

What exactly does Mini City offer?

At the moment we streamline the process for access to voter IDs, birth certificates, social security cards, state IDs, and employment services. However, we are currently working on expanding to housing services.

Is it free to homeless individuals?

YES! Our services come at absolutely no cost to those enrolled in our program.

Many homeless individuals and those who live in shelters or unstable housing are without some or all of their vital records or state recognized photo ID. Without these critical items, they are precluded from seeking employment and/or participating in many of the programs that would help them rebuild their lives. In this way Mini City focuses on the very first building block.

Why is the Mini City program necessary?

What is the ultimate goal?

Our goal is lofty and singular, we are seeking to eradicate homelessness.